to New West Charter School


Sharon Weir, Ed.DI am thrilled that you have taken time to review the website and find out more about what New West Charter School has to offer.

Students in every grade at New West will consistently be encouraged to achieve their highest potential. This message comes directly from teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, and even fellow students. As a result, our goal is to ensure that the resources needed to reach individual goals and objectives are provided every day.

A successful middle and high school career at New West requires discipline, organization, focus and commitment. As our students grow from young adolescents to young adults, our expectations for each of them grow as well.

Our academic and career expectations are high for all students in both middle and high school. At New West, we look forward to providing every student a rigorous academic schedule that fulfills individual needs, in conjunction with an opportunity to focus on the career path of their choice.

Whether a student is new to New West, is continuing in middle school, a freshman, sophomore or junior, or a senior eager to graduate, we want our students to know that our entire staff is prepared and willing to provide the support, knowledge and experiences they will need for future college and career opportunities.

We look forward to working closely with all our families throughout the school year as we support our young people in making the most of every day and every opportunity they have as a very valued member our New West family.

Sharon Weir, Ed.D | Principal / Executive Director

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