Community Outreach



In order to better serve the community, Judge Diane Gross serves as an independent third party Community Ombudsman overseeing all issues related to condition compliance monitoring, evaluation, discipline and reporting requirements pertaining to New West’s CUP and TMMP program.


About Judge Gross

The Honorable Diane Gross, a supervising administrative judge for the Los Angeles office of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, serves as New West's Community Ombudsman. Judge Gross has over thirty years of legal experience and specializes in mediation and conflict resolution. We appreciate her service.


Report a CUP/TMMP Violation

If you would like to share your thoughts, concerns, or report a violation, please go to the following link. A record of these violations shall be maintained by the third party Ombudsman and reviewed for redundant violations. This form is intended for the local community and neighborhood only.