NWC+ | CE In Partnership With Santa Monica College

What Is Career Education?

Formally known as Vocation Education, Career Education (CE) is a term applied to an educational program that can specialize in skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and/or career preparation. Our CE program is a dual enrollment program meaning students will earn high school graduation credit along with college credit. A dedicated and enthusiastic student can leave high school with 24 college credit hours completed (nearly an entire college school year).

Our CE program will seek to give students experience by setting them up with internships, job shadowing, on-the-job training, and industry-certification opportunities (thanks to our partnership with Santa Monica College). We offer a wide range of learning experiences spanning many different industries and career pathways from skilled trades such as automotive technology, IT and web development, fashion, merchandising, education, sustainable technologies, animation, business, and so many more.


When Can A Student Begin Taking CE Courses?

Students can begin taking CE Courses at Santa Monica College starting in their Junior year (or their summer going into their Junior year).


Is A Student Required To Take CE Courses?

No. No NWC+ student is required to take any CE or college courses if they do not want.


Can A Student Take Non-CE Courses?

Yes. Students are free to take any and all Santa Monica College courses where they meet the prerequisites and/or course requirements.


What Are The Requirements For Taking CE Courses?

There are no NWC+ requirements students need to fulfill in order to take CE courses. However, each CE Program has different course prerequisites that students must have fulfilled before they can begin taking classes. Consult Santa Monica College Course Catalog for the most up-to-date course prereqs.


How Many Courses Does A Student Have To Take In Order To Earn A CE Program Certificate?

Most Career Pathways have 4 different courses that must be completed in order to earn a Departmental Certificate. Most students can manage to take 1 college course per semester. Students wh wish to take more college courses are welcome, at their own risk.


What CE Programs Do You Offer?

Currently, these are the Career Programs students can choose to take. Please note that course offerings can change every school year based on interest. Not all courses are guaranteed.


Business & Finance


International Business

Logistics/Supply Chain Management




Computer Accounting

Automotive Technology

Computer Science & Information Systems

Digital Publishing

Website Creator

Website Development Management

Word Processing

Computer Programming

Information Systems Management


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Application Development | Android

Mobile Application Development | iPhone

Office Technology

Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

Clerical/Data Entry

Medical Billing/Coding

Medical Records Clerk Receptionist

Medical Transcription

Word Processing


Skin Care

Nail Care

Salon Business

Design Technology

2D Animation

3D Animation

3D Modeling

3D Rendering

Game Design

Digital Effects

Web Design

Set Design & Art Direction For Film & TV

CAD Production & Design

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

School-Age Special Education Assistant

Early Childhood Education Core

Sustainable Technologies

Recycling & Resource Management

Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Energy Efficiency