NWC+: Meet The Team

  • Sharon Weir, Ed.D

    Sharon Weir, Ed.D

    Principal | Executive Director

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  • Brian Straka

    Brian Straka

    Director of Development

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  • Larika Clark

    Larika Clark

    Administrator Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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  • Alex Feigin

    Alex Feigin

    English | Mentor Teacher

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  • Ryan Payne

    Ryan Payne

    History | Mentor Teacher

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  • Melanie Del Rosario

    Melanie Del Rosario

    Math | Mentor & Lead Teacher

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  • Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim

    Science | Mentor Teacher

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  • Matthew Nevins

    Matthew Nevins

    American Government & Economics | 12th Grade Lead

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  • Kathryn Sloustcher

    Kathryn Sloustcher

    College Counselor

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  • Laurie Favaro

    Laurie Favaro

    College Counselor

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  • Diana Hurst

    Diana Hurst

    College Counselor

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  • Kenna Healy

    Kenna Healy

    School Psychologist

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  • Claire Vencill

    Claire Vencill

    School Counselor

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  • Cynthia Austin

    Cynthia Austin

    Resource Director

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  • Christine Bautista

    Christine Bautista

    Resource Specialist

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