High School: Meet The Staff

NWC High School Staff 2019-20

  • Sharon Weir, Ed.D

    Sharon Weir, Ed.D

    Principal | Executive Director

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  • Mark Herrera

    Mark Herrera

    High School | Vice Principal

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  • Donna Haskins

    Donna Haskins

    Math | Department Chair

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  • Melissa Everett

    Melissa Everett

    English | Department Chair

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  • Mark Estanislao

    Mark Estanislao

    History | Department Chair

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  • Conner Ayers

    Conner Ayers

    Spanish | Department Chair

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  • Ryan Campbell

    Ryan Campbell

    Phys Ed | Department Chair

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  • Larika Clark

    Larika Clark

    Performing Arts | Department Chair

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  • Stephen Lewis

    Stephen Lewis

    Algebra I & II

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  • Patrick Navailles

    Patrick Navailles

    11th Grade Math

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  • Cindy Bernstein

    Cindy Bernstein

    Algebra I and Geometry

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  • Erin Borgstrom

    Erin Borgstrom

    Environmental Science

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  • Scott Acornley

    Scott Acornley

    British Literature

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  • Lauren Monson

    Lauren Monson

    World Literature

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  • Bren Hamaguchi

    Bren Hamaguchi

    11th Grade History

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  • Matthew Nevins

    Matthew Nevins

    American Government & Economics

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  • Kathryn Sloustcher

    Kathryn Sloustcher

    College Counselor

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  • Helene Kunkel

    Helene Kunkel

    College Counselor

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  • Lester Douglas

    Lester Douglas

    Resource Director

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  • Dan McCauley

    Dan McCauley

    Resource Teacher

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  • Mackynze O’Leary

    Mackynze O’Leary

    Resource Assistant

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  • Christina Nersesian

    Christina Nersesian

    English Language Learner Coordinator

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  • Stephen Day

    Stephen Day

    Film | Yearbook

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  • Joseph Cooper

    Joseph Cooper

    Music Director

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  • Tracy Isrow

    Tracy Isrow

    General Physical Education

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  • Alaina Hill

    Alaina Hill

    Office Administrator

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  • Antonia Perez

    Antonia Perez

    Operations Director

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  • Shelley Wilborn

    Shelley Wilborn

    Office Administrator

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  • Kizmet White

    Kizmet White

    Charter Business Director

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  • Yackie Blanchard

    Yackie Blanchard

    Custodial Staff

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  • Omar Gama

    Omar Gama

    Facilities Manager

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