NWC Uniforms


The uniform policy was developed in an effort to promote safety and help create a non-disruptive environment. All students will be required to follow the uniform policy everyday.

Each member of the staff, faculty and administration has the authority to make reasonable decisions and interpretations regarding the implementation of the uniform policy. If a student, parent or guardian have questions about whether a particular item of clothing satisfies the uniform policy, the student, parent or guardian is encouraged to ask any member of staff, faculty or administrator.

If students are not in compliance with New West Charter’s Uniform Policy, they will be given an opportunity to change clothing or call a parent/guardian. Disciplinary consequences will not result from violations of the dress code. However, if a student becomes defiant about following a staff member’s reasonable request to change or call home for replacement garments, consequences will result. In addition, the act of repeatedly refusing to abide by New West Charter’s Uniform Policy will be considered an act of defiance and will result in disciplinary consequences.