Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

Algebra II
Honors Algebra II

Hi, my name is Jason Clarke! My time at New West started in December 2021 when I came in as a teaching assistant for Algebra II. After teaching Algebra II myself during the 2022-2023 school year, I am back to teach it again for 2023-2024.

I moved to California from Chicago as a Trustee Scholar at USC, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Economics. I spent the following three years tutoring students ages 4–25. My primary focuses were high school and college math in addition to ACT and SAT prep. Currently, I am working on completing my Master’s degree in teaching, expected by the end of 2023 from National University.

During my transition from tutor to teacher, my ultimate goal has been to utilize the lessons I have learned to ensure that students are engaged, motivated, and successful.

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