Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez

Information Technology

I'm Jorge Rodriguez, your dedicated IT specialist at New West Charter School. My journey with computers dates back to the days when they were room-sized giants. Yes, you heard it right – I've witnessed the entire tech evolution, from clunky floppy disks to the seamless wonders of cloud computing.

Over the years, I've immersed myself in the world of certifications, collecting them like prized trading cards. From CompTia A+, Network+, Security+, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCSA, and a Bachelor's in Computer Science Information Technology. This journey has led me through the intricacies of programming languages and network architectures.

For me, being an IT Specialist is more than just a job; it's my true passion. I'm constantly learning, staying up-to-date with the latest technology and software trends. My objective is to provide unwavering technical support and establish a robust technology infrastructure that empowers students, teachers, and staff to seamlessly connect, interact, and carry out their daily tasks at New West Charter School.

As for slowing down, it's not on my agenda. Whether I'm deciphering lines of code or unraveling the enigmas of the digital cosmos, you can bet I'll be there, fueled by my insatiable curiosity and armed with my trusty keyboard.

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