Holly Stuczynski

Holly Stuczynski


I am Ms. Holly Stuczynski, a professional working studio artist in Los Angeles. A processed-based artist with an emphasis in painting and sculpture, I also enjoy performance art, photography, outdoor mural, and installation work. I have been at NWCHS since 2021, previously an art educator with younger students.

I feel strongly that through art we gain a visual voice, addressing cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth.
As a wife and mother of six daughters, I have been immersed in first-hand experiences of the joy and struggles that young people experience, and feel great compassion and excitement for our youth. I hope to help make the world a better place through art and the connection with our community.

My professional artist website can be found here. My work uses critical thought regarding nurturing, specifically thinking about women's identification and experiences of motherhood, maturation, and sexuality. I use a multitude of avenues for expression, including sculpture, painting, photography, and performance art. I am drawn to nature, her strength and beauty, and the connection between nature and women is seen in my work. I am concerned with material and find satisfaction in repurposing materials.

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