Andrea Page

Andrea Page


This is my first year at NWC+ and I am looking forward to working with the students in the “Plus” program. I retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District after 27 years of having taught Spanish at all levels, both Heritage speakers and second language Spanish learners. I love to facilitate the learning of the Spanish language and culture. I strive to bring good instruction to students and inspire them to see the benefits of learning other languages.

I have degrees in Latin American Studies, B.A and an M.A.,from Cal State University, Los Angeles. In addition, I hold a California single subject teaching credential and a BCLAD, (Bilingual-Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition Development) certificate also acquired through Cal State University, Los Angeles.

My personal and professional travel experience includes Spain, Mexico and Central America, with South America pending! I have also led students on educational tours. I believe the best way to understand others is through an immersive experience with the language and the culture.

My personal hobbies include travel, cooking, music, art and exercise.

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