Rae Rayberg

Rae Rayberg

Mentor Teacher

Rae Rayberg is from Detroit but then had 10 years near Lake Superior in Da U.P.. Rae enjoyed hiding out in her father’s junkyard and leading her family on hikes to find edible plants on trails during their travels. Before finishing college she was already taking leadership tending an avocado orchard and working as a botanist-naturalist for the Michigan Nature Association studying potential wilderness acquisitions.

Ms. Rayberg studied at Ruppin Agricultural Institute in Israel, Gateway Electronics Institute in Omaha, and Michigan Tech towards her BS Mathematics and MS Biology within the Microbiology Group. She had the opportunity to teach Geometry and Honors Biology as a Student Teacher.

Rae’s teaching has also followed her travels: Michigan Tech Indian Youth Program facilitator, teaching English as a foreign language at ELC at UCLA, Pasadena Language Center, and for LAUSD Adult and Career Education; teaching Mathematics at John Q. Adams Middle School in Metairie, Louisiana, and Math for Girls summer camp in Oakland as the lead teacher. Also Ms. Rayberg taught Science in Philadelphia Public Schools, at Learn4Life, and at Anahuacalmecac International University Prep High School.

For Rae, both sides of the brain must be active! She gets inspiration from journalism and politics, languages and linguistics, and studying materials engineering, landscapes, and Buddhism. She is an enthusiastic musician and leads free Tai Chi in the park! Rae is a compulsive photographer and is always on the go.

Ms. Rayberg is excited to be at work and mentoring at NWC+ and her goal is to provide her students with a foundation for resilience, joy, and personal achievement!

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