Melissa Everett

Melissa Everett

American Literature
English Department Chair

Melissa Everett is a twenty-one-year veteran of teaching. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Education and her Masters of Arts in Writing (with emphasis in composition and rhetoric) from Missouri State University. Over the years, Ms. Everett has taught every class typically offered in an English department—from applied communications to dual-credit college composition. For five years before teaching high school, she taught academic writing on the university level. She has served as a mentor to new teachers, a course-level team leader, teacher liaison to the school board, and the president of a district teachers association. She has designed and aligned curricula for numerous courses, has served on the alignment committee for state assessments, and has scored state exams. And she has graded thousands and thousands and thousands of essays. She serves as the head of New West’s English department.

Ms. Everett prides herself on working hard to help students achieve. She has three daughters, one who is a science teacher working on a second masters degree, one in her final undergrad year and who is currently applying to law school. and one who just began a degree in aviation science. Needless to say, she has a pretty good handle on the rigors of college and the college admission (and FAFSA) process. Her goal is to ensure that when students leave high school, they are prepared to take on the challenges of college or the workforce. She wishes no child to be blindsided by the expectations of college professors or employers.

She considers it an honor to lead the excellent group of teachers in the New West Charter English department and she thoroughly enjoys working with New West students.


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