Maia Lazar

Maia Lazar

Resource Specialist | 11th & 12th Grades

Maia Lazar comes to New West with 7 years of teaching experience ranging from singing the Cleanup song off key with 3-year-olds to teaching English to robotics and engineering professors in Poland, while she received her Master’s degree in Eastern European studies.

Originally wanting to work in an international capacity in intelligence/espionage, or as a creative writer, Ms. Lazar realized the most rewarding role was working with young adults and helping them achieve their dreams, no matter how lofty or practical they might be. She owes her inspiration for pursuing pedagogy not to films like Freedom Writers or Dead Poet’s Society, but rather to her economics teacher who believed she could.

When she’s not guiding teenagers to better themselves, she can be found walking her Scooby-Doo like dog Bruno around the neighborhood or chasing after her chickens.

Ms. Lazar is a proud nerd, who is always reading and working on building her own knowledge to be the best educator she can be.

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