Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim

Mentor Teacher

Hello! I’m Andrew Kim, the science teacher for NWC+ and one of the chemistry teachers in the high school.

I grew up here in SoCal, attending public schools down in Palos Verdes where I realized my passions both in biology and teaching. During high school, I had impactful experiences leading to where I am now through interactions with my own teachers and at Camp Escapades, where I helped give children with special needs their own summer camp fun. Also, the sciences are just fascinating, and I hope to share the knowledge and fun of them. This all led me to attend and graduate from NYU with a Bachelor’s degree in biology, before returning here to earn a teaching credential. From there, I taught at Manhattan Beach Middle School before finally arriving here!

In my free time, I enjoy doing a variety of hobbies with friends such as watching TV shows and playing video games. I’m very willing to try out new things, however, so any recommendations in class will definitely be heard!

I look forward to my time here at NWC and hope to bring out the best in everyone!

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