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Important Parking Instructions

When visiting New West do not park in the neighborhood or any of the residential streets. For security purposes we are now keeping the gate to the school's parking lot closed. Please contact the front office (310-954-5444 ext. 0) for specific parking instructions based on when you will be visiting the school.





Phone Fax Office Hours
310-943-5444 310-231-3399 M-F 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Special Education Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Nieema Peyrefitte Middle School_Sp. Ed. Teacher
Jake Jabbour High School_Sp. Ed. Teacher

English Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Andrea Shore 6th Grade ELA
Dejour Newsome 7th Grade ELA
Verian Wilson 8th Grade ELA
Sarah Sinclair 9th Grade English
Jenica Biggs 10th Grade English
Melissa Everett 11th Grade English

Math Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Nurhan Lawrence 6th Grade Math
Kristen Eager 7th Grade Math
Sabrina Slaughter 8th Grade Math
Donna Haskins 9th Grade Math
Louie Dioso 10th Grade Math

Science Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Brandi Turnbow 6th Grade Science
Lennar Madlansacay 7th Grade Science
Pete Sigler 8th Grade Science
Sarah Thompson HS Biology
Susan La Placa HS Chemistry
Shahram Mostarshed HS Physics

History Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Matthew Nevins 6th Grade History
Steven Jones 7th Grade History
Mark Herrera 8th Grade History
Brian Straka 10th Grade History

Physical Education Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Erik Almeida MS General PE
Isaac Martinez MS General PE
Javier Palomino MS General PE
Ryan Campbell HS General PE
Ricardo Gonzalez HS General PE
Brittney McBride MS Dance
Larika Clark HS Dance
Bryan Hoskins MS Coach
Elson Mills MS Coach

Foreign Language Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Jocelyne H. Siegel MS French
Jonathan Melgar MS Spanish
Glenda Martinez HS Spanish
Christopher Newell HS Latin
Rosa Recor HS French/Spanish

Fine Arts Department

Teacher Pages Subject Email
Jennifer Bergan MS Art
Nicole Shorthouse HS Art
Cameron Yassaman Music Director
Lead Parents Title Email
May Chao Parent Coordinator
Elizabeth Owens 6th Grade Lead Parent
Jody Shipper 6th Grade Lead Parent
Ella Gorham 7th Grade Lead Parent
Jessica McFerren 7th Grade Lead Parent
Cisca Brouwer 8th Grade Lead Parent
Chaille DeFaria 8th Grade Lead Parent
Catherine Johnson 9th Grade Lead Parent
Annette Siefert 9th Grade Lead Parent
Julie Banz 10th Grade Lead Parent
Tracy Grand 10th Grade Lead Parent
Alexis Hellebuyck 10th Grade Lead Parent
Administrator Pages Title Email
Dr. Sharon Weir Principal/Director
Tanisha Barnett MS Assistant Principal
Office Staff Pages Title Email
Claudia Castillo Business Manager
Lauren Rawles TMMP/Data Coordinator
Breanna Levee Business Operations Manager
Judi Johnson Fundraising Coordinator
Sandra Ruelas Office Administrator
Monica Estrada HS Office Administrator

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